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Creative agency that is based in Bandung, Indonesia. We have awesome designers and developers that have been working on various mobile and web application UI.

Craft Website & API

Craft your website or API from scratch using Ruby on Rails.

Maintain Your App

Maintain existing Ruby on Rails web application or services.

Step by step in creating your website

Working Process


Brainstorming Ideas

The first step is discussing the concept of the product with my client and discover ideas to build good product brand, who is the target of the product, who is the competitor, and how do we build the best product that reaches the market.


Gathering Ideas

Researching what is the best product that can reach the market. Finding the styles that matches market expectation, color that represents the market/customer, competitors product, and others.


Creating Mockups and Wireframing

After researching the styles, brands, competitors. Rough mockup will be created and also the use case will be implemented through product wireframes.


Implementing the Mockup Into UI

Implementing the mockup and wireframe using Sketch app, one of the most powerful application to create awesome design, and following best practice to increase the productivity when designing UI.



Creating product prototype and collaborate with team/manager/developer through online collaboration app such as Invision, Marvel app, or Zeplin.

Our design tools

These are the tools that we use to sketching, brainstorming and doing the collaboration.

Our people have helped these companies

We like to build close relationships with our clients. We believe dynamic collaboration is the only way to get the job done well.